Corporate Travel and
Expense Management Solution
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Travel Expense Reimbursement
Quicker reimbursements for employees on the move.
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Versatile Dashboard
Centralized dashboard for managers and employees
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Invoice Reconciliation Process
Easy reconciliation of invoices and approved costs
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Corporate Travel and
Expense Management Solution

Corporate Travel and Expense Management

TESS360 - Corporate Travel Management Software

TESS360 is a cloud based corporate travel management software that automates business travel authorization, and travel expense reimbursement processes. The SaaS based solution is targeted to automate manual and time intensive travel authorization and reimbursement process.

Corporate Travel Planning and Bookings

Travel Planning And Approvals

Use TESS360, on Android and web browser, to enable your employees to schedule business trips, locate hotels and places nearby, take travel approvals, monitor mileage tracker even while on the go.

Travel Expense Management System

Travel Expense Management

Configure approval hierarchy, expense budgets, cash advance rules, and workflow rules for each transaction like travel approval, expense approval, reimbursements, and others, that comply with your organizational policy.

Travel Expense Reimbursement System

Audit and

Configure TESS360 as per organizational policies to enable compliance enabled audits on employee incurred expenses during their business trip. Easy reconciliation of the expenses incurred, and receipts, prior to approvals and reimbursements.

The Corporate Travel and Expense Manager

TESS360 guides employees through every trip, effortlessly populates charges into expense reports, automates invoice approvals, ensures policy compliance and enables timely travel reimbursement. The mileage tracker function helps you monitor your workforce on the field

Our business travel management software assists both employees and finance teams with effortless management of travel and related spending. TESS360 helps in streamlining your entire travel and travel expense reimbursement processes while ensuring employees submit policy compliant expense reports.

Let TESS360 manage your travel, while you travel for work.

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Corporate travel management software

A Cloud Based
Business Travel Management Software

TESS360 is a SaaS based travel and expense management software, which acts as a virtual assistant for corporate travelers. It is business travel management software embedded with Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning capability that augments further automation of corporate travel management and travel reimbursement process.

Corporate travel Management for Pre travel authorization

Pre Travel Authorization

Our dynamic 360 travel management solution enables corporate travelers to plan their trip in advance, search for the right flight/hotel/train, budget the tour, and take travel approvals. The approver can assess the trip budget well before approving it, making corporate travel management feasible for the organization.

Expense reporting software with OCR scanning feature

Faster Expense Filing

TESS360 simplifies submission and storage of expense related documents. Employees can scan expense receipts and store the information on the app. The robust expense reporting software has the OCR scanning feature to ensure that maximum data from paper receipts gets converted and saved for faster expense filing and reimbursement.

Travel management software to define multiple designation for approval

Configuration of Multiple Roles

Based on the nature of TESS360 subscription, organizations can configure the travel tracker software to enable multiple roles eg. Manager, Travel Desk, Auditor, Administrator etc.

Travel management software enables travel policies for different roles

Corporate Travel Tracker

Track employee travel, related expenses, and the mileage covered with TESS360. It has a built-in mileage tracker, to automatically calculate the mileage of travelling employees and also the resulting reimbursement amount based on the start and end points of the employee travel.

TESS360 app for corporate travel management


TESS360 is a corporate travel management software, which simplifies expense entry, streamlines processes, eliminates paper trail, and reduces administrative effort. Our travel tracker comes with a user friendly and intuitive dashboard that gives you complete control of your travel and related spending from anywhere, while enabling the administrator to better handle the entire process, reconcile the mileage tracker for each employee, and analyze the trip efficiently.

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