Efficient Work Travel Expense Management

A Solution for Work Travel Expense Management

Some employees love business trips as they get to meet new people and visit tourist attractions after office hours. Others dread those trips because they call for the arduous task of tracking business trip expenses.

In a corner of their company’s accounts department, a beleaguered accountant would be wishing the employee had never gone on that trip, as they must now chase them to get their travel bills. Often overlooked, travel reimbursements often silently eat into a company’s profit margins.

A matter of entitlement

While it is certainly not recommended that companies give employees an unlimited travel budget, the latter can always be persuaded to make an informed choice – while sticking to the budget they are entitled to.

For example, a company can deter a new employee from renting a luxury car at a high cost. It just needs to have someone to monitor and regulate such choices. However, as a manual process, it’s next to impossible to guide every individual on how to manage travel expenses.

The automated way forward

While it is humanly impossible to monitor every move made by an employee, technology has enabled this in a way that informs and guides the employee, while the company saves money. It’s a win-win situation for both!

Expense management, a new vertical, is a company’s go-to solution for an online expense manager and an expense tracker. An efficient travel management system should be intuitive in the way it delivers solutions. It must be fast, smart, and able to provide suggestions that fit into a budget allocated for the grade of an employee.

Here’s how seamless an intelligent travel expense management software can be:

  1. Right from trip planning stage, eg. booking flight, expense management app provides the flight class, based on entitlement of employee.
  2. A business expense tracker considers the employee’s grade at all times and keeps them apprised of the budget allocated to them. All data and information are collated and accessible to the employee round the clock to ensure they are aware of – and responsible for – their business trip expenses.
  3. Travel and Expense app has checks in place to alert and redirect traveler towards a list of options that are approved per their entitlement.
  4. Gone are the days when bills had to be saved and produced for accounting after a trip. The daily expense manager saves the electronic versions of bills – food, commute, entertainment or any other business trip expenses.

An app to the rescue

TESS360-Travel expense software solution

Tess360 is a corporate travel management system available as a mobile app or web/desktop solution. Individual dashboards for individual logins enabled with real-time alerts for smart choices guide employees to make well-informed choices. What’s more, it integrates with the company’s financial accounting system.

Here’s an app that takes the burden out of filing your travel expenses. Now travelers can focus on the event or business meeting and let the expense app to handle their travel arrangements. More power to the pant-suited tourist!

We would be eager to give you first-hand experience to see how it can transform travel for your business. Please connect with us on sales@tess360.com  or click here to schedule a demo.

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