Why do Businesses need an Efficient Corporate Travel Management Process?

Corporate Travel Management

Travel has always been an important aspect of business growth. Considering the huge volumes of data involved, coordination of travel processes is a challenging task for organizations. While it requires several levels of documentation, and closures, the more difficult part is the coordination of teams, and timely approvals for the corporate traveler. Post-pandemic, as rapid growth and corporate expansion requires much travel and face to face interaction, it amplifies the need for business travel, giving organizations enough reasons to embrace an efficient corporate travel management process.

The World Travel and Tourism Council claims that 25% of all global tourism spending comes from business travel. Let us discover what goes into business travel management and why it is essential for your business.

What is corporate travel management?

Booking travel for your employees can be a time-consuming task. With so many routes and fares to choose from, it is hard to find the best deal while organizing your employees’ travel itineraries. Consider the entire cycle that goes into a travel process of an employee. Planning, approvals, bookings, expense submissions, budget controlling, reimbursements, and analyzing business travel expenses is a tedious task that is repeated for every employee travel. Besides being repetitive it needs to be continuously checked for organizational travel policy compliance.

Corporate travel management optimizes all business travel-related functions of a company, including scheduling, travel expense reimbursement, travel data management, pre-trip and post-trip expense management, compliance, etc. to establish an effective policy-backed travel infrastructure. The main aim of business travel management is to simplify the pre- and on-travel experience for employees and save money for the business. It has gained much popularity due to its unmatched specialization in business travel automation.

Why do businesses need an efficient corporate travel management system?

Efficient corporate travel management not only streamlines the travel expense and reimbursement structure but also enhances employee experience. You can automate tasks using a travel and expense management software to save your organization several man hours. Here are some additional reasons to adopt an efficient corporate travel management system.
Reasons for Adopting Corporate Travel Management


Many parts of the expense filing, budgeting, reporting, booking, and reimbursements are repetitive and do not require human intervention. The right travel management platform should have the ability to automate these parts.

Cost Reduction

A well-designed travel management infrastructure significantly reduces the vital employee time spent on manually making travel arrangements, which in turn, increases employee productivity and contributes to higher ROI per employee.

Process Standardization

A corporate travel and expense management system automates workflows and streamlines a large chunk of travel expense reimbursement process.

Employee Satisfaction

Traditional travel and expense management systems are time-consuming and tedious causing much agony to the travelling employee. They must constantly save receipts, justify expenses, and chase approvers to claim their travel expense reimbursement. The modern travel and expense management systems overcome this shortcoming and make the travel experience pleasant for the traveling employee.

Policy Compliance

Business travel management systems ensure employee safety, whilst adhering to all the relevant travel policies.
TESS360-Travel expense software solution


Corporate travel is essential for employees and executives to turn business prospects into clients, and gain inspiration from new horizons. With so much of effort thrusted on business expansion, it is best suited to adopt an effective corporate travel management solution, that act as the employees’ travel manager. Additionally, it can help you to minimize the documentation, effort and time that goes into making a business travel convenient and efficient.

TESS360 is the best travel and expense management system in the market that caters to all the needs that an organization requires for its travelling employees. In today’s challenging economic environment, extracting maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness from your corporate travel budget is vital. TESS360 delivers just that along with being an insightful, reliable, and trustworthy travel and expense management solution – at the keenest possible cost and the best features ever. Connect with our team now.

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