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With globalization and business mobility facilitating business expansions, corporate travel is apparent. However, managing corporate travel comes with its own set of challenges, for organizations. Manual processes, cumbersome paperwork, and inefficient reimbursement systems can cause frustration, errors, and delays. Here is a cutting-edge SaaS-based travel management solution, TESS360, that revolutionizes the way businesses handle their travel and expense needs.

Welcome to TESS360 – A comprehensive platform that simplifies the process of managing your business travel and expenses. Experience innovation that empowers businesses of all sizes to take control of their travel expenditures and optimize their expense management practices.

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Continuous increase in the volume of business travel and expense directly increases workload for the finance team in your organization. While manual travel and expense management systems cause ineffective cost management, they may also result in financial leakages and loss of profitability.
At TESS360, we believe that efficient travel and expense management is essential for business success. Join us on this journey and experience the power of our comprehensive solution. Simplify, automate, and optimize your travel and expense processes with us today!

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Effortless expense capturing and tracking in real-time

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual travel process

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Integrated travel planning dashboard

Integrated booking system for simplified travel planning

A travel policy that works in the background

Define and enforce spending limits for employees

Gain valuable insights into your travel and expense patterns

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Employee care and safety

Ensure duty of care towards your employees

Take control of Travel Budget, expenses and bookings with TESS360

Even if you already have an effective travel policy in place, you still may feel like you can’t cut down certain travel expenses. It may seem like business travel expense reimbursement solutions only make a marginal difference, but on the whole, you will end up saving a lot.

Get your very own virtual travel manager in TESS360. Being a SaaS-based corporate travel management app, it provides comprehensive tools and services to manage and streamline business travel from anywhere. It is accessible over the internet and comes with a user friendly and intuitive dashboard that gives you complete control of your business travel and related spending, while enabling the administrator to better handle the entire travel process and analyze the employee expenses efficiently. Great way for corporates to control their travel expenses.

Your employees can now record expenses as they happen, attach OCR receipts, and submit the travel expense reimbursement claims while on the go. TESS360 can also calculate the mileage expenses based on distance travelled. It enables GPS tracking, point-to-point map locations, and records odometer reading. This end-to-end travel and expense management software takes the stress out of expense reporting so your people can focus on your business and deliver better customer experiences.

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